Observing the blessings of Christ that are among us

Welcome to church today.

Today, at 1.30pm, we have our annual AGM. All of the written reports for the AGM are available at the back table, and I will make some supplementary comments at the AGM. The Lord has blessed us with some good problems – those of growth. I think that this has become increasingly evident to all, particularly those at both our 10am and 6pm congregations. It is worth saying that we are interested in kingdom growth, not growth for growth’s sake. And in our midst are people who have come to know Jesus, and many, many who have grown in their relationship with Jesus in the last year or so.

It is a great privilege to be involved in God’s work, and this is not something that only the staff are involved in. 1 Corinthians 12 contains the breathtaking image of a body working together for the common good. Someone who had some connection with TAC recently commented to me that we are a church where many people are involved – and that is true.

The Lord has blessed people in our midst with a diversity of gifts, and so many among us use them to further the kingdom of God. Recently, a tree branch fell during a storm. The next day when I went to investigate what needed to be done, those on lawn mowing that day had already chopped it up and dealt with the issue. That is the type of thing that we are seeing in so many areas across our church.  People naturally welcome others and offer genuine help as needed.

And those in our community are recognising the love that emanates from so many across TAC – and I am also getting comments from various community leaders. It is a marvellous illustration of the 1 Corinthians 12 image of the body of Christ working together in its diversity, for the sake of the common good of building the kingdom of God.

Thank you to everyone involved. Yes, we have the problems of growth – and they can be challenging and difficult. But this is the reason that the Lord has left us here – to be a light to the world so that more Ordinary People would Encounter the Extraordinary God.

Raj Gupta