Preparing for Easter

If you don’t know what Lent is, it is the season of preparation leading up to Easter. (It's a bit like Advent leading up to Christmas).

As we begin to prepare the church for Easter celebrations, I really want to be preparing my heart and helping my family to remember the significance of this important celebration.

There are two things I'm using,

1) With my family, we are going through 'The Wonder of Easter' devotional by Ed Drew. So far it’s been great with different questions for different ages of kids/teens. It’s not too late to get a copy from Koorong and get into it.

2) Personally, I'm using a resource created by The Village Church to help me reflect and prepare. Just google ‘Village Church Lent Guide’ to find it.

Lent traditionally involves self-reflection and repentance, especially involving a recognition of one’s sinfulness and mortality. This is sometimes expressed by extra commitment to prayer, fasting and giving. However, every Sunday during Lent remains a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus (as every Sunday of the year is).

The self-reflection and repentance reaches its peak on Good Friday, as Christians gather at church mourn their sin which caused Christ’s death. The celebrations reach their peak on Easter day as Christ’s victorious resurrection is remembered, along with forgiveness and life for us.

P.S What are you doing to prepare for Easter? I'd love to know. And what will you do to make Easter a massive celebration?

Murray Colville