Safe Ministry at TAC

Many would be aware of recent news revealing abuse and misconduct that has happened in many institutions, including churches, over many generations.  It is distressing to hear and hard to process. Abuse is extremely harmful to those who have suffered and continues to affect many lives.

Like many churches the Anglican church has responded to the problem of abuse and misconduct.  There is a mandated prevention strategy in place to ensure all ministers and those working with children and young people are screened, have working with children checks and safe ministry training, and therefore are appropriate and prepared to minister wisely.  Raj as our Lead Pastor is required to appoint a Safe Ministry Representative that oversees these processes and addresses issues when they arise.  Anglican churches in Sydney Diocese are also supported by the Professional Standards Unit which is equipped to help the church respond well to allegations of abuse and misconduct.

As TAC’s Safe Ministry Representative, I want to assure you that we are committed to ensuring that TAC is a safe place to be.  If you would like to know more about safe ministry practices at TAC or have any concerns, please contact Jon (, Raj ( or see for more information.



Jon Flood