Good news in African?

Next Sunday is Easter! The following Sunday (28th April) we’ll be hearing the good news in African! It will still be spoken in English, but presented from a different cultural perspective.

Ugandan Archbishop Stanley Ntagali will be opening the Bible and reminding us of the good news of Jesus. This good news doesn’t change. Indeed, we read about this good news reaching Africa through an Ethiopian man very soon after Jesus was raised from death (see Acts 8:26–40).

While the good news doesn’t change, we are often unable to see the way the good news should be impacting our own lives and culture because we are like the proverbial frog in the pot, or fish in the tank. Hearing Archbishop Stanley Ntagali is an opportunity to listen to someone outside our tank, and to hear how and why Jesus matters in my life, your life and your neighbour’s life.

Sunday 28th April is an excellent day to invite to church someone you know needs Jesus. Who will you invite?

Additionally, over afternoon tea, there will be an opportunity to hear from the Archbishop about Christianity in Uganda and Africa.

I look forward to three things this day. 1) Being re-challenged by the good news from someone outside the fish tank. 2) Seeing visitors hear and understand the good news. 3) Being encouraged by what God is doing in Uganda and Africa.

What are you looking forward to?

Raj Gupta