The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit?

What does He do?

Where is He?

I wonder if you have ever asked any of these questions about the Holy Spirit?

This week I meet with Children’s and Youth Ministers from around Australia to spend time growing in our understanding of the Holy Spirit.

What an encouragement it was to spend time reflecting and stretching my brain, as we learnt about the person and work of the Holy Spirit together.

One of the topics we spoke about was the Spirit and His interactions with the church.  By the power of the Holy Spirit we see that the church is given both unity and diversity. The Spirit unites us together in Jesus, bringing us into a new family. But He also equips us to serve in different and unique ways. How amazing is this!

Another big part of the conference was spent discussing the joys and challenges of teaching children and youth about the Holy Spirit. It is not always an easy task. Adults struggle to comprehend Him, let alone our young, concrete-thinking, friends!

I am praying that God by His Spirit would be equipping our kids teams in this task.

But I am praying bigger than that. I'm praying that our whole church; kids, youth and adults, would continue to strive to know our great big God and that we would all grow more and more in our awe of Him as we do.

- Rachael

Murray Colville