What's shaping you?

How much silence exists in your daily life? Not much? I am filled with audio and visual stimuli almost every waking minute. Endless content fills my brain. (And, if you’re reading this, you’re perpetuating this cycle!)

That’s something worth talking about. But I won’t.

Today, we begin our journey together as a church, attempting to listen to and live out the implications of the word of God written to us in the letter we call Second Timothy. We want our lives to be shaped—our hearts to be changed—by these words, by this content, through the work of the Holy Spirit, through our self-discipline and through humble repentance.

But for every minute you spend thinking about and living in light of 2 Timothy this week, how many minutes do you spend consuming content that is neutral or even unhelpful to your living under the kingship of Jesus? How many minutes of Netflix, podcasts, books, TV, sports, radio, Spotify, You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, Audible, news, CDs, will you consume? How much of your self-talk—your own thoughts and musings—will be related to Jesus promise of life?

All the content we consume shapes us, either towards or away from Jesus. How seriously do we take the part of our vision statement that says, ‘worship God whole-heartedly’? This week—this term—will you change the type of content you consume? Replace some minutes or hours of unhelpful content with something that helps you live for and have joy in Jesus. If you don’t know where to start, talk to your growth group about it.

What’s shaping you?

Ben Allen