A Call to Prayer

I am very much enjoying our series in 2 Timothy, and today we come to one of the clearest passages that talks about the place of the Bible. With the controversy surrounding Israel Folau, it is indeed topical.

However, I want to dedicate this column this week to call all who call TAC their church home to prayer at 7.30pm, Monday 17th June.

It is becoming increasingly normal and popular to rely on ourselves. Sometimes, we can become frenetic with activity. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we are in control, and that if we run around more that more will be achieved.  Our world is busier than ever, and it is so easy for us, as those who trust in a God who is in control of all things, to get caught up in such busy-ness.

But we must be different. It is God who brings whatever growth we may see. He has counted even the hairs on our head, and controls creation down to intricate detail, even the human heart.

The Lord is doing wonderful things in our midst as we seek for Ordinary People to Encounter the Extraordinary God, and already over 70 children have registered for Toonie Kids Week!  It is something that we are able to combine together to do, in a way that no individual can do.

Yes, God hears the prayers of all people, and one can pray individually. However, in an age infected by individualism, I want to call us to pray together. In recent years, some families have come together as a family unit – what a powerful way to teach our children the importance of prayer! And when we pray together, we experience something special and are encouraged in our solidarity as we come together on our (metaphoric) knees to the God who is in control of all things.

Will you join us?

Raj Gupta