There are 16 DAYS until ToonieKids Week!

ToonieKids Week is quickly approaching! In 16 days there will be over 100 children here on site, many of whom have no connection to a church. It is such an exciting week and I can’t wait!!

As you can imagine there are lots of things which need to happen to pull off a week like this. We can give great thanks to God for the way things are progressing so far and for the many people who are so generously giving their time in a variety of ways.

There are still currently a few things we need. Can you help?

Activity leaders

We need people for are willing to run an activity on one or more of the days. It would only be and hour and a half commitment and everything is prepared for you. 

Jobs up the back

There are a pile of jobs we need completed on a table at the back of the main hall. There is a mix of tasks, sewing, baking, craft prep etc. Perhaps you could take one home to complete and then return?

Working bee

We are hoping to have an army of people who can help get the church site ready. There are lots of jobs to do, including lawn mowing, sorting and preparing of resources and many more tasks. There will also be things for kids to help with so that the whole family can be serving.

Sponsor a ToonieKid

Thank you for your generosity in sponsoring ToonieKids. We are currently on the look out for people who may need this financial assistance. If you know someone who might benefit from a discounted ticket please let us know.

If you can help with any of the above, please write it on a connect card or speak to myself or Murray.


- Rachael

Murray Colville