ToonieKids Week - Wow!

I want to take this opportunity, on Celebration Sunday, to thank all who made ToonieKids Week happen.

1 Corinthians 12 talks about the body of Christ working together. This week, a team of over 70 people, including almost 20 junior leaders, worked to put on ToonieKids Week. Some were leading groups, others organising and running activities, others assisting in groups, others were learning first hand what it means to serve, others were running a parent café, others were running a creche to assist volunteers to be involved, others were involved in technical aspects and photography. We were working with one purpose and one mind. It was amazing to see everyone in action.

Most team members were on deck by 8.30am, if not earlier. Each day ended with lunch for the team and clean up – with people not leaving until 2pm each day. It was an absolutely huge effort on the part of so many. In particular, I want to thank Rachael Stabback and Murray Colville for their leadership of the week – it was just breathtaking to see them in action, and in their love and care for the team.

This week, with over 120 children, it was out largest ever ToonieKids Week. So many children participated – many do not have any church background. It was such a privilege and opportunity to help children know the life saving message of the Gospel of Jesus. Please continue to pray for the impact of the life saving message of Jesus in the lives of many who were involved.

And please, thank God for the people of our church. He has richly blessed us – certainly in gifts and skills and abilities – but even more importantly, he has given us a common heart to see Ordinary People Encounter the Extraordinary God.

Raj Gupta