Looking to the Future

Welcome to church today. I am excited to be able to share some developments in our planning for next year. Now, one of the ways in which our church is governed is with a Parish Council (elected at our AGM). I wish that you could all be a fly on the wall as this group prays, works together and thinks about where our church is up to, and also where we are going.

Over the last three months, with the departure of our women’s minister, we have been thinking about the future mix of our staffing. Our parish council have formed the view that the most strategic direction would be for us to invest in our 5M structure. Alongside this, we want to further invest in our children’s work, and develop a more co-ordinated approach to caring for those in our church & community.

Accordingly, as we plan for 2020, Parish Council is enthusiastic for us to refine our staff mix in the following way.

First, Murray is willing to re-jig his role to focus primarily on the Magnification and Ministry areas (the other M’s are Mission, Membership and Maturity). We see a wonderful opportunity for us to further develop ministry teams across our church, but these need support and encouragement.

Second, we will seek to find a full time Children’s pastor. Other than enabling Murray to focus on the above areas, this will enable us to build on things like ToonieKids Week, ToonieKids Crew, and to further develop Kids Church, Scripture and other children’s ministries. We, like many other churches, have found this such an important area to invest in.

And third, we plan to seek a new part-time Christian Care co-ordinator. As we grow, we want to invest more intentionally in developing Christian Care in our midst, with the ideal that no one falls in between the cracks. We want to love one another deeply. This already happens in so many ways, but the time is now right for us to develop this further.

Please pray as we begin the process of seeking suitable people for these significant roles.

Raj Gupta