Two essentials of a rescue

My father was once floating down a coastal river in an inner tube, taking turns with some friends. As the river led into the ocean, they would paddle to the bank, walk upstream and do it again. On one occasion, however, my father was caught in the current and ended up floating out to sea. He realised quickly that he wasn’t able to return to shore on his own. He needed rescue.

A very special welcome to church today. It’s a pleasure to have Gary Raymond, former Chief Inspector of the NSW Police Force speaking with us today from the Bible. He’s been involved in rescuing so many people, but what strikes me as I speak to Gary, is that he himself has experienced a great rescue. He’ll be speaking about that today.

Two things are essential if you are going to be willingly rescued. First, you must acknowledge that you need rescuing. It didn’t take my father long to work that out as he was taken further and further from the shore. If you don’t acknowledge you need rescuing, then any rescue attempt is more like an imposition! Second, there must be someone who is ready and able to rescue you. Thankfully for my father, there were lifeguards patrolling the beach and they were ready and able to rescue him.

Today I pray that everyone here today will acknowledge their real need for rescue, and will see that Jesus is ready and able to rescue them.

Ben Allen