Last weekend a group of men went to the Basecamp men’s conference and considered ‘A Portrait of a man of Faith’. We were encouraged that faith in God (vertical faith) produced a different kind of manliness than what we get when we trust in ourselves, our family/work etc. (horizontal faith). We were called to a manliness that is fearless, tender and thankful…

Fearless- Vertical faith results in fear-free living, even in the face of hardship and mistreatment, not because we are strong and able, but because God who is with us is.

Tender- Vertical faith does not produce macho-man bravado, but rather a tender heartthat causes you to want for others what you yourself have received from God.

Thankful- Vertical faith produces men that are not entitled, demanding and controlling, but whose life is a picture of humble gratitude.

It was great to look towards this life of faith as we follow Jesus, the ultimate example of fearless, tender humility. I’m really encouraged by the men in my life and in our church that live these kinds of lives and I hope you’ll join me in praying that we all (men and women) will keep being shaped by this same vertical faith.

Murray Colville