Thank you

Our vision at TAC is to be an ever-growing, diverse church family. The grace of Jesus unites and transforms us so we can worship God wholeheartedly, love each other deeply and serve our community boldly.

All of our activity as a church is geared toward this vision, in some way. Most recently, ToonieKids Week saw 130 children involved. Approximately a third were from TAC; a third from other churches (what a privilege to be able to bless other churches in this way); and a third were from homes that do not regularly participate in any church. Of course, the aim is to introduce people to and help children grow in their relationship with Jesus.

At activities such as this, and indeed on most Sunday mornings, we become acutely aware of the limitations and deficiencies of our physical infrastructure. We do have a building committee that is working with consultants and others as we look at long term possibilities.

But, more recently, we became aware of a State Government grant program, whereby the local community votes for the projects that they would like to see funded. Our Parish Council thought, in the absence and uncertainty of longer term desires, that this opportunity might enable us to do up the top TAC carpark in the shorter term.

While the dirt and conditions of the carpark might be something that we have got used to, we constantly get feedback that our carpark provides a first impression to anyone who comes onto the site for the first time. Just imagine what that’s like! Where else in our society do you experience such a carpark?

Voting closed during the week, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to vote, particularly those who persisted through the difficulties of the extensive process involved.

We don’t expect to hear the results until sometime in September. Please pray for God’s hand over the process, as well as the longer term facilities’ investigations. But even more so, please pray that Ordinary People would Encounter the Extraordinary God.

Raj Gupta