I have felt compelled to interrupt our usual schedule of front page articles to comment on the developments this week around the proposed NSW Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill.

This bill, if passed, will allow significant changes to the laws concerning abortion in NSW. In essence, it will allow abortion at any stage up until birth at the concurrence of one or two doctors. Significantly, the legitimate reasons and considerations for abortion will be broadened (currently physical and mental health) to include future “social circumstances”. In other words, late term pregnancies would be legally able to be aborted (right up until birth!) based on convenience.

My friends, the Lord gives life. Many know the personal pain and trauma that surrounds miscarriages. It is just tragic and painful for a woman to experience the joy of life, and then for circumstances to transpire for that life to be taken away. It is unthinkable that laws are being considered that would allow people to choose to end the life of a foetus that cannot defend itself.

This bill has come forth just months after a State election in which we were not told that such a radical bill was even being considered. And, furthermore, it has come forth without public consultation, and the initial desire was to have it introduced to Parliament straight away.

Every abortion involves the ending of unborn human life. A foetus is not just a clump of cells, as anyone who has ever been pregnant would testify to. It is painful enough when things like miscarriages take matters out of our hands. It is unthinkable that it is even being contemplated that late term abortions should be so readily available.

I want to urge those of us who love Jesus firstly to turn to prayer, to the God who gives life. And secondly, I want to encourage you to write even a short note to your State MP (links are provided below). It does make a difference – perhaps more than many realise.

For some, this will spark feelings of remorse from the past. Be assured that Jesus himself died to forgive us, and God provides comfort to all.

That said, God has left us in this world to be citizens and caretakers of our world. Come Lord Jesus.

Raj Gupta