Satisfaction and Life

There are so many wonderful things in life. The joy of love, family, satisfaction in hard work, the thrill of the race, or the game, admiring the astonishing beauty of nature, the prospect of a new adventure. It is truly a remarkable world.

Yet in all of these things, there's always a blemish. And the blemish lies in us and in each thing we experience. For example, our own cynicism and doubts prevent us properly enjoying goodness in love and work and family. And, as for the objects of our joy and desire - they always let us down in some measure. So, we chase a project with all our energy only to find it wasn't worth the chasing.

In every part of life there's always dissatisfaction. Any number of things can intervene to undermine success... from accidents, to mismanagement, to petty politics, injustice, corruption... even our own boredom, or doubts, or distractions.

If only there were a thread of hope dangling down for us from eternity. In the song, 'Into My Arms', Nick Cave, the Australian songwriter, speaks of an, 'interventionist God' who might prevent his beloved from being harmed. Yet he can't bring himself to believe that such a good God might exist.

But such a good God does exist, and the Bible describes his character and 'interventions' in human history in great detail. As creator of the world he made us so that we might relate to him closely. But since creation we've resisted this purpose. Yet no matter how hard we resist; he still loves us and wants us to be with him.

Our purpose is eternity with God. How did we ever think we could find it in movies or architecture or holidays or skin cream? Whatever we do apart from God is doomed and destined for disgruntlement.

But Jesus provides a different way. He said: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

(Based on an article at Outreach Posters)

Raj Gupta