Serving the World

Just over 5 years ago, I was approached to develop a training program for new Senior Ministers who are just starting in Sydney Anglican churches. With my primary job and responsibility being at Toongabbie Anglican, it was an endeavour I proceeded with slowly. After two years of research, the Centre for Ministry Development (CMD, a centre at Moore College) commenced the first cohort through the ‘Developing Rectors Program” about three years ago. 

Over the last three years, over 40 new Senior Ministers have commenced the two year program, that provides leadership training and mentoring at the time that someone steps into running a parish. This has been identified as a great need, at a time when leadership of all kinds is more challenging than ever before (how many Prime Ministers has Australia had in recent years?).

This work has branched into other more one off type courses that my CMD colleagues and I run on an occasional basis. I have provided updates on this work in AGM reports, and regularly to Parish Council. The arms length arrangement with TAC means that TAC has been getting paid for my time. In turn, these funds have enabled us at TAC to expand our administration support and other staffing areas (like MTS).

I wish you could see the feedback forms – they testify to the benefit this work is to many churches across Sydney. Some of this training is currently being developed on an online platform, so that many more people across denominations, across the country, and even those in other Western countries can benefit.

Partly as a recognition of my current work, I have recently been appointed as an interim co-Director with the Centre of Ministry Development by the Principal of Moore College. His thanks go to all at TAC, for supporting this work in theologically driven leadership development that is benefiting so many.

This new title will have little additional time impact from my current role as Lead Pastor at TAC. This is my primary responsibility, and it is such a joy and privilege to lead us as we seek for Ordinary People to Encounter the Extraordinary God.

- Raj

Raj Gupta