Welcome to church today

Recently, my family and I visited another church to see some friends and avoid Toongabbie. (It’s a funny quirk of being a pastor that when you’re on leave from work you can’t really go to your own church)! We were welcomed as we drove down the driveway with a giant wave, a smile and an arm pointing the way to the carpark. We were welcomed at the front door, at the kids’ check-in, from the platform, and by others during the morning.

We were encouraged and we heard God’s word clearly spoken and acted out in the love of the community there. It was far from perfect, but it was genuine and effective.

And yet, what I longed for was to be at Toongabbie Anglican. During our holiday, both my wife and I missed this church community and all that we are together. You are our family and we are yours. We have a bond with you that is deeper and more significant than the bond we have with those at another church. We are far from perfect here at Toongabbie, but we are striving to be genuine and effective. Thank you for loving and serving us and each other. Thanks for being our family.

And for those visiting today, an extra special welcome to you. I hope you feel the warm welcome this community extends to you. If you don’t, I’m sorry you missed it today and we’ll try to get it right next time.

Ben Allen