Vision Month 2018

Our vision is to be an ever-growing, diverse church family.
The grace of Jesus unites and transforms us so we can worship God wholeheartedly, love each other deeply and serve our community boldly.


Vision month is a chance to drill down into who we are and what makes us tick as a church. Check out the videos below, and find the response form here.

Week 1 - Moving On Mission

An Intro to VM.
Mission opportunity - One80 Youth
Prayer walk and Celebration Dinner info

Week 1 - Vision Partnership

Prayer focus - World
Serving Snapshot - Breaky Club
Thanksgiving Project 1 - Translation

Week 2 - Moving oN mission

Mission Opportunity - Kids@Play

Week 2 - Vision Partnership

Prayer focus - Country and Community
Serving Snapshot - Kids and Youth
Thanksgiving Project 2 - MTS (Ministry Training Strategy)

Week 3 - Mission Movement

Mission Opportunity - Sunday Services

Week 3 - Vision Partnership

Prayer focus - Church and Ministries
Thanksgiving Project 2 - Village Transformation