Toongabbie Anglican Church has been making an impact for Christ in this area since it was established over 125 years ago.

Lots has changed in that time, but the good news about Jesus stays the same.

We believe

We unashamedly believe and teach the historic Christian Faith.

That the one God who made all things has made himself known to us.

That He spoke through the words of the Bible.

That He came as the man Jesus Christ, walking this earth 2000 years ago.

Jesus, who bridged the gap between a loving God and his runaway people.

In Jesus, the extraordinary God encounters us ordinary people.

We now play on Jesus' team, we call him captain and king, we know that Jesus makes sense of life and impacts absolutely everything.

We live it, we love it, and we want everyone to know it.


during the week...

...all kinds of things happen for kids and youth, men and women of all ages. We meet in growth group bible studies and special events take place all year.

meet the staff Team

Raj Gupta Lead & Maturity Pastor

Raj Gupta
Lead & Maturity Pastor

Murray Colville Families and Magnification Pastor

Murray Colville
Families and Magnification Pastor

Ben Allen Youth, Mission & Membership Pastor

Ben Allen
Youth, Mission & Membership Pastor

Katie Smith Women's and Ministry Pastor

Katie Smith
Women's and Ministry Pastor

Jon Flood Pastoral Assistant

Jon Flood
Pastoral Assistant

Anne Whiting Office Manager

Anne Whiting
Office Manager

Sally Bower Accounts

Sally Bower

Susan Burgess Communications

Susan Burgess

Stuart Jansen Student Minister

Stuart Jansen
Student Minister

Rachael Stabback Ministry Apprentice (MTS)

Rachael Stabback
Ministry Apprentice (MTS)


Global Impact

We want people all over the world to encounter the extraordinary God. This means we support people from Thailand to Central America who work to make this vision a reality.

Contact the church office to get more information on supporting and praying for our 'link' missionaries.


Snapshot | The Sholl Family in Mexico


The Sholl family are missionaries with CMS-Australia and have lived in Monterrey, México since 2009. Peter leads MOCLAM, a ministry that aims to support local churches throughout the Spanish-speaking world, by offering theological education by distance. Many pastors and church leaders in Latin America don't have formal theological education, so MOCLAM offers them materials they can study in their local context.

Sarah runs two weekly Bible study groups – one for young mums and one for women from their local church and community. She also helps train and encourage women to be faithful Bible teachers.

Peter and Sarah have three teenage daughters who are in various stages of high school in Monterrey.